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When a Woman's Fed Up | Ep. 50 | The Reverb Experiment Podcast

On the 50th episode of The Reverb Experiment Podcast the crew is joined by photographer and visionary Sean Stewart, owner of Art Is Life Photography. Sean opens up about what it's like being black creative and how he balances both his work and family balance. As a special treat, as promised, G_focused shares his African Ancestry live on the podcast. For the Keepin It Reel segment the crew responds to a young girl sharing her feelings on how parents treat their children, which sparks a deeper conversation about parenting within the black culture as a whole. For the Internet Wins Again the crew reacts to the news that R Kelly has finally been sentenced, the Omarion vs Mario verzuz, as well as the viral clip of the McDonalds argument between co-parents.


00:00 - Intro
4:10 - Sean Stewart Interview
58:56 - G_Focused African Ancestry results
63:12 - KEEPIN IT REEL - Are children heard?
93:16 - Omarion Verzuz Mario reaction

105:24 - Internet Wins Again
105:36 - R Kelly finally sentenced
115:46 - McSiblings

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