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About Us

Welcome to The Reverb Experiment Podcast where two friends link up to discuss trending social topics within the black community. Nothing is off limits at the Reverb. Expect intriguing dialogue on current events, music reviews, relationships, and mental health. There are always interesting guests and transcendent conversations that everyone can relate to! The podcast is filled with light hearted banter, and candid conversations that sometimes turn into heated arguments! Be sure to subscribe and enter in The Reverb Experiment by sharing your thoughts and opinions on the many topics we discuss!

About the Hosts

G_FocusedProfile Photo


Owner / Executive Producer / Artist

G_Focused prides himself on pushing the narrative and seeking enlightening and thought provoking conversations. As an artist and a content creator with a passion for advancing the culture, he brings the same diversity that he once demonstrated in his music to The Reverb Experiment Podcast.

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Owner / Influencer / Marketing Manager / Content Creator

The Queen of The Reverb Experiment, Stefdotnet is a powerhouse who has built her brand around authenticity and relatability. She is a dynamic content creator and a wizard in the social media arena. An audience favorite, you will be sure to find yourself nodding your head and agreeing with most of her viewpoints!