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Great Team

I love the energy from this team! I had a great time being a guest on the show. We spoke openly and honestly about the pros and cons of higher education. I love the Vulnerability of the castAlong with the sense of humor! It was a great way to spend my Saturday morning. Thank you for having me on the show!

Incredibly dope concept and execution!!

I ended up clicking on an episode just to listen to one section on something controversial going on in the news. I ended up staying tuned for the entire podcast. Then I listened to another. And another. This is one of the better black podcasts I've tuned into, and they represent. These guys have good chemistry, and it's shown in their banter and humor. It's witty, it's intelligent, it's adult, it's relevant, it's for our culture. More importantly, it makes you lose track of time; which is a good thing. Incredibly dope concept and execution!


This podcast is easily one of my favorites! Every time I think I have a favorite episode, the hosts exceed my expectations and create more fire content! The conversations are so enlightening, intriguing, personable and Bay af too! I love the intelligence, the personal opinions, the colloquialisms and how it amplifies how black people are far from monolithic. I love us for real!

Episode 12!! Thank you!!

I cannot express to y’all how much this episode helped me understand the different props to vote on! I feel so much more confident in how Im going to vote. Early voting in the am! Thank you for all you do ✊🏽

Y’all tight AF

I absolutely love you guys. Stefdotnet has been my friend in my head but now all the fellas are too. You guys are just as informative as you guys are entertaining. I appreciate and love everything about y’all platform. REVERB NATION!!!

Great Podcast!

Love putting this on when I’m working on projects. They should be on the radio too!

Energetic and fun hosts

The hosts are very interactive, engaging, and passionate about each topic. If you’re having a bad day and you are looking for someone to bring positive energy back into your life, then you should listen to this podcast. And most importantly, share it with friends and family members. You don’t want them to miss out on something this positive and informative. Kudos to the entire team!

Great Show Folks!

This is the start of something great. This is a show that has so much personality and good energy...coupled with great talk points. I was introduced to this show from G Focused from a Facebook group we are in, where we shared our shows with each other. Glad I was able to find a show that has a clear sense of purpose and great conversation. I’m very entertained by show. You all have a new supporter and listener. Looking forward to listening and growing with the show. Keep up the dope work. Peace and blessings!!!! DergoBJ Change The Subject

Great Conversation

Really enjoyed the conversation on the Protest and Chill. Great perspectives.


This podcast is really good! I enjoyed the banter, the flow of conversation, the quality sound and the overall professionalism! Dope podcast.

Powerful Flows

Love the professional as well as personal feel of the shows. You can tell they love one another and the guests have been great. And I, too, am ready to “protest and chill” when allowed to! Much love and keep that flame going!!! Signed, JDG’

Great content!

When I listen to The Reverb, it is where information meets entertainment! The hosts are funny and serious where it matters most. Covering topics in the black community that are usually not talked about very often! Definitely worth adding to your library!