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Nov. 22, 2021

Episode 40 | Ho Fax

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The 40th Episode of The Reverb Experiment Podcast will conclude Season two! For this episode Coach D'Lo fills in for Rajeo as they discuss the murder of Young Dolph and street culture. The crew also shares their thoughts on the Kyle Ritenhouse verdict. As they transition to the Internet Wins Again, they discuss the recent drama between Dababy and DaniLeigh which leads to an interesting conversation about side chicks and what the true definition of what a side chick is. They conclude the episode with picking  revealing their Trash AF pick of the week.....former NFL player Zac Stacy. We would like to thank everyone who has been a part of season two, and who has listened and supported us for season two! We plan on being back better than ever and can't wait to showcase what we have in season three!   


  • (1:15) - Reverb Season 3 Update    
  • (13:05) -  RIP Young Dolph   
  • (51:34) - Soulja Boy lashes out     

Internet Wins Again  (95:02)         

  • (95:23) - DaBaby and DaniLeigh Drama      
  • (135:12) - Reverb Reactions - Why men cheat (definition of a side chick)      
  • (167:04) - Trash AF - Zac Stacy  

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