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Oct. 25, 2021

Episode 38 | Happy Wife Happy Life

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On Episode 38 of The Reverb Experiment Podcast we are joined by longtime friend of the show Coach D'Lo! During the first half of the episode we discuss the importance of mentorship and how he juggles life at home and life at work, and the difficulties of manhood.  For the internet wins again we discuss Willie Taylor from Day 26 leaving his wife and kids to find himself, this conversation leads into a much needed conversation about mental health amongst men. We then transition to discussing Michael Haugabook who married his 18 year old God Daughter, and the recent controversy surrounding Brittany Renner's Jackson State visit. As always we conclude this episode with Rajeo's Trash AF pick. 


  • (12:31) - Introduce Special Guest  - Coach D'Lo   
  • (17:07) -  Coach D'Lo elaborates on "Each one Teach one"   
  • (30:56) -  Work life balance (happy wife happy life)   
  • (61:41) -  Where can we fine more information about you?   

Internet Wins Again  (76:56)           

  • (77:31) - Willie Taylor leaves his wife and kids?  
  • (134:02) -  Michael Hougabook & Brittany Renner  
  • (171:05) - Trash AF  

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