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Sept. 13, 2021

Episode 35 | Higher Learning

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On the 35th Episode of The Reverb Experiment we welcome special guest Kaifa Yates (Sacramento State alumni, Martin Luther King Jr. Outreach Coordinator, and C.H.O.I.C,E Mentoring Inc. CEO) to the podcast. During his stay we discuss the importance of education and he details for both parents and aspiring college students the ins and outs of college preparation. We also discuss the importance of mentoring and networking and how they both positively impact our community as a whole. For the Issa Bop segment we review and discuss Drake's new Album Certified Lover Boy and give our takes on where this album ranks amongst Drake's discography. During the Internet Wins Again segment, we predict who will win the upcoming Verzuz battle between Ja Rule vs Fat Joe and we have a heated debate about whether monogamous relationships are considered bondage. We conclude this episode with discussing a co-parenting scenario and Rajeo picks Akon as Trash AF for his comments regarding rich and poor people. We would like to dedicate this episode to Michael K Williams a legend and a man that will not be forgotten!   

For the resources mentioned in the show see the links below.   


  • (3:31) - Kaifa Yates Interview  
  • (10:18) -  What are some common obstacles black students face?    
  • (24:01) - What are some good tips on how to best prepare for college?    
  • (36:46) -  What are some of the other community based ventures you are involved in?  
  • (105:56) -   The importance of mentorship  
  • (49:44) - How can we connect with you and get more information?  
  • (56:56) - Issa Bop - Drake's Certified Lover Boy Album Review  

Internet Wins Again  (73:32)         

  • (74:03) - Ja Rule vs Fat Joe  
  • (85:48) -  Nicki Minaj cancelled?   
  • (102:16) - Is cheating an illusion?  
  • (137:55) - Scenario - Co Parenting situation  
  • (158:59) - Trash AF - Akon  

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