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July 5, 2021

Episode 30 | A Hard Pill to Swallow

On Episode 30 of The Reverb Experiment we are joined by special guest full time investor, author, and financial literacy advocate Destiny Fortier. During her interview we discuss investing in todays stock market, how she was able to retire at he age of 30, and what projects that she has coming up to help bridge the gap and teach our youth about finances....an interview that you won't want to miss! For the Internet Wins Again (IWA) we discuss Bill Cosby's conviction being overturned and Stephen A Smith's tweet about working hard for his bosses. Rajeo picks Wendy Williams as Trash AF for disparaging comments about Tabatha Brown retiring her husband early. We would like to state the fact that we are not financial advisors and nothing during this episode is considered financial advice. if you would like to connect with Destiny Fortier we will provide a link to her profile and business ventures below!   

Density's Link Tree - https://linktr.ee/destinyfortier   
Destiny's Website - https://destinysays.com/ 
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  • (01:51) - Destiny Fortier Interview     
  • (04:29) - Where do you come and what is your background?    
  • (07:10) - How did you get into investing?  
  • (22:42) - How do you pick your stocks / crypto to invest in? And what indicators do you use while trading?      
  • (28:49) - Can you elaborate on living by love and not by fear and how that mentality changed your life?  
  • (51:09) - What are some of the projects that you are working on?  
  • (57:25) - What are valuable tips that you can shar with new investors?  
  • (59:28) - Question of the day *Investing Edition*  

Internet Wins Again  (82:19)        

  • (82:44) - Bill Cosby Innocent?     
  • (145:43) - Stephen A Smith works hard for the money?    
  • (160:18) - Rajeo Trash AF - Wendy Williams   

Support the show (https://www.facebook.com/TheReverbExperiment/)

Support the show (https://www.facebook.com/TheReverbExperiment/)