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April 12, 2021

Episode 24 | Long Live DMX

On Episode 24th episode of The Reverb Experiment Podcast we share our thoughts and fondest memories of the  artist / actor DMX who just passed away 4/9/21 due to an overdose. We discuss the impact that DMX had on the culture and what we can take away from his life, and the wisdom that he bestowed before passing. During the IWA "Internet Wins Again' we all shared our reactions to the epic Earth Wind and Fire vs Isley Brothers Verzuz battle, discussed whether or not you can cheat respectfully, and conversed back and forth about the Deshaun Watson sexual assault allegations. We conclude this episode with Rajeo picking the New York Post as his TRASH AF candidate, and we all share our final thoughts prior to signing out. We would like to thank everyone for listening and supporting, and would like to send our condolences to DMX and his family. 
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  • (6:21) -RIP DMX  
  • (29:56) - Favorite DMX Moment?  
  • (41:36)  - Hip Hop Unionizing?  
  • (47:36) - Shady Music Business    
  • (63:22) - Question of the Day -How do you feel about going on friend dates?  

Internet Wins Again  (78:04)        

  • (68:28) - EWF vs Isley Brothers Verzuz   
  • (88:19) - Cheating Respectfully?  
  • (122:18) - Deshaun Watson sexual assaults' allegations  
  • (139:06) - Rajeo Trash AF   
  • (144:49) - Final Thoughts?  

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