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March 29, 2021

Episode 23 | I'm Sorry Mrs. Jaxn

On Episode 23rd Episode of The Reverb Experiment we discuss everything Derrick Jaxn for the first hour of the show. We break down the history of Derrick, the cheating allegations, and the ramifications his actions had on his brand and Da'Naia Jackson. This conversation leads into deeper conversations about narcissism, religion, and what made Derrick famous in the first place. For the Internet Wins Again we stay on par with the theme of cheating and discuss Gary Owens cheating scandal, the breakup between Quave and Saweetie, and the significance of the potential break up of the Joe Budden Podcast. Rajeo concludes the show with his TRASH AF pick, and we sign out with out final thoughts about the episode. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and we would greatly appreciate hearing from you either by review on apple podcast or via social media! Let us know how we're doing and whether or not you enjoyed the episode. Thank you!   
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  • (0:10) -Derrick Jaxn Background  
  • (20:02) - Heal Together?  
  • (23:13)  - I'm Sorry Mrs. Jaxn   
  • (45:21) - Were men right about Derrick Jaxn?  
  • (52:03) - If roles were reversed?  
  • (63:43) - Question of the Day - Id Da'Naia Jackson resposbile in any way for  Derrick Jaxn's cheating?  

Internet Wins Again  (85:37)       

  • (86:09) - Gary Owens divorce?  
  • (94:03) - Quavo vs Saweetie  
  • (116:03) - Joe Budden Podcast Breakup?  
  • (142:01) - Rajeo Trash AF  
  • (148:38) - Final Thoughts?  

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