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Dec. 7, 2020

Episode 15 | Pippen Ain't Easy

On the 15th Episode of the Reverb Experiment the crew talks about a variety of topics from cheating, polygamy, and upcoming verzuz battles.  The podcast starts off with a discussion centered around the controversial comments made by Barack Obama regarding the "Defunding the Police" slogan. Right after they discuss Malik Beasley getting caught cheating  with Larsa Pippen. This conversation sparks a bigger conversation about cheating .which promoted Jerome Jones to call in to share some of his craziest cheating stories and gets real candid about why he cheats. For the Internet Wins Again the crew talks about Keyshia Cole vs Ashanti, the True Kitchen twerking incident, and the Kevin Samuels video where he is giving a woman dating advice. Rajeo concludes the show with giving Nate Robinson Trash AF. Time Stamps will be available below. Be sure to listen to our previous episodes by checking out our website @ https://thervbexp.buzzsprout.com/ 


  • (04:07) - Barack Obama "Defund the Police"  
  • (24:22) - Malik Beasley gets caught cheating w/ Larsa Pippen  
  • (39:00) - Jerome Jones Calls in  
  • (83:25) - Polygamist B  
  • (91:12) - One's Gotta Go  Ashanti vs Keyshia Cole  

Internet Wins Again  (94:15)     

  • (94:25) - Verzuz Battles Ashanti vs Keyshia Cole & Dre vs Diddy  
  • (102:20) - Nate Robinson gets knocked out   
  • (107:32) - True Kitchen Twerking incident   
  • (122:42) - Kevin Samuels - "You're average looking at best" Dating self awareness  
  • (162:06) - Trash AF - Nate Robinson  

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