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Oct. 26, 2020

Episode 12 | #BlameBlackMen

On This very special episode of The Reverb Experiment, with the help of State Independent Living Council member Eric Harris & friend of the show / Community Organizer Elika Bernard,  we break down this years elections and importance of voting and ensuring our voices are heard. During our interview with Eric Harris, he helps us break down some of the most interesting propositions that will be on California's ballots as well as reminds us of the importance of fighting for equal rights for all.....including those who are disabled. We transition into our most popular segment (The Internet Wins Again) by discussing Ice Cube's contract with Black America, and the controversial tweet by Jemele Hill that resulted in the hashtag #blameblackmen. Discussing the Jemele Hill tweet led the crew into a much needed and refreshing conversation about the relationship between black men and women and how communication is the key to healing and understanding each other, a conversation that had some of us in tears and a segment that you won't want to miss! To conclude the episode, Rajeo reveals his Trash AF picks of the week, which happen to be John Mattling the officer involved in Breonna Taylors murder, and Jason Whitlock. Be sure to follow our podcast and join The Reverb Nation to discuss and share your views of the show! 

Eric Harris Interview   

  • (07:44) - Start of the interview  
  • (24:16) - Can you speak to in the importance of this election and what's at stake?  
  • (46:16) - Explaining California's Propositions  
  • (49:57) -Explaining Prop 16  
  • (59:27) - Explaining Prop 21  
  • (67:39)  - Explaining Prop 22  
  • (74:04)  - Explaining Prop 25  
  • (83:10)  - What are some measures and or candidates that we cannot afford not to vote yes for or endorse?  
  • (104:21)  - One's Gotta go - Best TV Show Edition   

Internet Wins Again  (111:51)   

  • (112:34) - Ice Cube Cancelled?  
  • (131:46) - Jemele Hill #blameblackmen     
  • (186:05) - Trash AF - John Mattingly & Jason Whitlock   

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