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Kanye Dropped By Adidas, Jonathan Majors Baby Mama Exposed + MORE | The Reverb Experiment | Ep. 55

On the 54th episode of The Reverb Experiment G and Stefdotnet discuss the strained relationship between 50 cent and his estranged son Marquise. Immediately after they tackle the viral tiktok videos of black women finding out that Jonathan Majors has procreated with a white woman. This led to conversations about interracial dating, what it means to be pro black, and if black women are often disappointed with the dating choices of their "eye candy." For the internet wins again segment they discuss the recent mishaps of NORE in his decision to interview YE on drink champs. /the conversation dives into the a multifaceted discourse about the responsibility of podcasters, freedom of speech, and the role of social media. Last but not least the podcast concludes with a review of the latest album from Babyface "Girls Night Out."

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0:00- Intro
3:57 - Quiet Quitting?!?
18:22 - Jonathan Majors white baby momma?
21:14 - Can you be Pro Black and date outside your race?
23.06 - Reverb Nation - Does who someone date change how we perceive them or the characters they play?
46.00 Internet Wins Again
46:30 - Nore apologizes for Ye's comments
1:53:00 - Is Freedom of speech under attack?
1:24:00 - Girls Night Out Review

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