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Sean Stewart

Artist/Photographer/Graphic Designer

Sean Stewart Bio
Sean Stewart is a freelance photographer based in
Sacramento, CA., and a father of 3 children. His artistic gift
was recognized at the age of 3, when he drew a very detailed
picture of the living room while sitting on the sofa. On both
sides, his artistry is inherited from many family members in
many forms, painting and music. Sean attended Valley Hi
School, where his skills were cultivated via cartoon, 3D
animation and AutoCad classes, and a summer internship in
Fashion Design at Academy Art University in San Francisco. As
a teen, Sean was paid to design original art on clothing and on
storefront windows. To adulthood, Sean continued his artistry
through music and graphic design, naturally progressing to
photography, where his creative talent, unlimited vision and
passion is evident.

July 4, 2022

Episode 50 | When A Woman's Fed Up

On the 50th episode of The Reverb Experiment Podcast the crew is joined by photographer and visionary Sean Stewart, owner of Art Is Life Photography. Sean opens up about what it's like being black creative and how he balanc...

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