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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

SAC Connect uses a cultural responsive lens in treatment and program delivery. We appreciate individual differences and approach clients with an understanding of and respect for the client's needs and cultural values. SAC Connect staff and affiliates are open-minded and recognize that there are multiple ways of viewing the world. SAC Connect considers how values, worldview, upbringing, and lived experience impacts the individual.

Shanece and Chenee are Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW) with extensive experience in child welfare, individual and group therapy, crisis intervention, psychiatric response, training/workshops, culturally responsive therapeutic treatment, case management, and community outreach. Shanece and Chenee developed SAC Connect in 2018 to address the unmet needs of youth, young adults, and families in the African American Community specifically focusing on access to mental health and wellness services and interventions specific to this community.

Jan. 31, 2022

Episode 41 | Pit Not the Palace

We are back for Season 3! For the 41st Episode of The Reverb Experiment Podcast we are joined by Shanice and Chenee both co-owners of the non profit origination SAC Connect. During a very candid and informative interview, we...

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