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Aug. 17, 2020

Episode 7 | Certified Lover Boyz

Episode 7 of The Reverb Experiment was dedicated to the fellas! After starting off by wishing Nipsey Hussle a happy 35th birthday we learn that Stefdotnet was on a well deserved vacation. To fill the empty seat, the crew invited Sean Dustin aka Reflective Intelligence to help facilitate the very first all male Reverb Experiment episode. The crew delved into the topics by answering some pretty interesting questions that came from loyal female listeners from The Reverb Nation. Things got a little spicy as they discussed what women think men need, the new album forthcoming from Drake, Kamala Harris as a potential VP, the WAP song from Cardi & Meg, and they discussed the importance of mental health and the cryptic tweets from Lakeith Stanfield.   
Reverb Nation Questions
 (06:10) What's the most attractive thing about a woman besides her exterior beauty?
 (15:59) - How can women better support and encourage men?
 (37:41) - Why do men hate black women?
 (57:27) - One's gotta go
 Internet Wins Again
 (64:57) - Double your salary clip
 (85:52) - Certified Lover Boy Preview
 (97:55) - Kamala Harris VP Nod Reaction
 (116:54) - WAP & BAD Reaction
 (124:45) - Lakeith Stanfield Cryptic Tweets
 (138:45) - Trash AF  
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