Welcome to The Reverb Experiment
Aug. 3, 2020

Episode 6 | Black Is King

Featured in this episode of The Reverb Experiment, the guest show their appreciation for black women across the globe. To assist with the admiration of black women the crew is joined by Elika Bernard, a community activist, an advocate for Black Trans Women, as well as a Co Founder of Black Women United (04:19). After our interview, as we always do with our guest, we play a thrilling game of One's Gotta Go featuring the choices of summer time classic songs that you won't want to miss! (82:35). During the Internet Wins Again (IWA) we update everyone on the Tory Lanes and Meg The Stallion situation (88:16), we give our thoughts on the new album by Beyonce Black Is King (94:58), and finally we discuss the brand new podcast by Michelle Obama (116:01). Towards the end of the show Rajeo reveals his Trash AF pick of the week, who happens to be a familiar face (132:23).

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