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Sept. 26, 2022

Episode 53 | If I Get Caught

On the 53rd Episode of The Reverb Experiment Podcast Stefdotnet & G_Focused discuss the topic of cheating! First they discuss Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka being suspended for an entire year for cheating on Nia Long with a staff member. This conversation leads into deeper conversations about relations at the work place, fraternizing, and if beauty grants you immunity from fidelity. For the internet wins again the crew discusses Adam Levine's recent cheating scandal, where he was caught cheating on his pregnant wife. To conclude the podcast G and Stef both give their initial thoughts on Muni Long's new album Public Displays of Affection and the new track Tomorrow 2 that features GloRilla and Cardi B.

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  • (2:32) -  Quiet Quitting?!?     
  • 10:13) - Ime Udoka cheats on Nia Long?     
  • (21:14) - Have you ever dated someone from work?    
  • (27:06) - Does beauty grant you immunity from infidelity?      

Internet Wins Again  (37:04)                          

  • (37:47) - Adam  Levine gets caught up!     

Issa Bop                

  • (62:22) - Muni Long - Public Displays of Affection Review     
  •  (71:14) - GloRilla ft Cardi B - Tomorrow 2 Review      
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