Welcome to The Reverb Experiment
Aug. 29, 2022

Episode 51 | Death of R&B?

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Welcome Back to The Reverb Experiment Podcast! We would like to thank everyone for being patient while we were on break. G_Focused and Stefdotnet update us on the current state of the podcast while bidding their farewells to Photo B as he has decided to no longer be apart of the podcast. During the new music segment they give their opinions about the new DJ Khaled album God Did as well as Tank's last album R%B Money, and JID' new album The Forever Story. And last but not least the podcast concludes with The Internet Wins Again as a discussion is had about the upcoming Verzuz between Diddy and Jermaine Dupri and the relevant and evolving question if R&B is dead or not?

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  • (1:45) - Farewell & Thank you to Photo B    
  • (3:24) - The State of The Reverb Experiment Podcast   
  • (8:25) - God Did, R&B Money & The Forever Story   

Internet Wins Again  (33:24)              

  • (34:08) -Diddy vs Jermaine Dupri   
  • (52:58) -Is R&B Dead?    
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