Welcome to The Reverb Experiment
June 20, 2022

Episode 49 | Honestly, Nevermind

Episode 49 | Honestly, Nevermind
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Welcome to The Reverb Experiment Podcast! For the 49th episode of The Reverb Podcast the Reverb crew celebrates both Father's Day & Juneteenth.  We celebrate Juneteenth by highlighting black owned businesses that both are helpful and impactful to the black community. During this episode we discuss the surprise album dropped by Drake Honestly, Nevermind, the upcoming verzuz between Mario and Omarion, and DJ Akademiks coming under fire for saying that we would have sex with underaged girls.   We than conclude the podcast by an interesting debate about whether or not Chris Brown is more talented than Michael Jackson. 

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  • (2:35) - Should Single Mother's be celebrated on Father's Day?     
  • (22:58) - Are Men being erased?      
  • (33:14) - Modern Day Dating     
  • (67:09) - Juneteenth Black Owned Businesses   
  • (69:26) - Drake Album Review - Honestly Nevermind    
  • (85:25) - KEEPIN IT REEL - DJ Akaemiks & under aged girls    

Internet Wins Again  (116:05)          

  • (117:51) - Omarion Vs. Mario       
  • (144:17) - Is Chris Brown more talented than Michael Jackson?     

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