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May 23, 2022

Episode 48 - Rich Spirit

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For the 48th episode of The Reverb Experiment podcast G_focused & Photo B are joined by Gina R "Riche" Richardson a certified financial coach and both host & owner of the Mindfully Rich Podcast! We begin the podcast by discussing the connection between mental health and financial literacy, budgetting, and how to better handle your finances.  For the "Keepin it Real" segment we react to an Anthony O'Neal clip that leads us into a conversation about finances and money. And then to conclude the episode, for the internet wins again we share our thoughts about the new Kendrick Lamar album Mr. Morale and the Big Steppers as well as reacting to the news that Black Lives Matter Co Fonder Patrisse Cullors may have mishandled some of the organizations donations.   


  • (1:01) - Buffalo Mass Shooting    
  • (22:01) - Introducing Special Guest - Gina Richardson    
  • (36:12) - Gina Richardson Interview    
  • (102:08) - KEEPIN IT REEL - Anthony O'Neal / Money and Dating    

Internet Wins Again  (120:00:01)          

  • (120:00:53) - Kendrick Lamar Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers Album Review   
  • (144:17) - Black Lives Matter Mismanagement of Money?  
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Gina R. RichardsonProfile Photo

Gina R. Richardson

Certified Financial Educator & Coach

Gina R. “RichE” Richardson is an energetic, explosive speaker, intentional financial coach, and entrepreneur known for her empathetic spirit and ability to relate and bond with others. As a 15-year veteran in the financial industry, she has helped hundreds of thousands of people maintain their economic life through her digestible financial teaching and realistic approach to financial management.

Gina has blossomed into a successful entrepreneur and is a highly sought a Coach, DEI Consultant, and Resilience Speaker. Gina is the creator and host of The Mindfully Rich Podcast, where she gives her audience a realistic expert perspective on finances.