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May 9, 2022

Episode 47 | All Dogs Go To Heaven

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On the 47th episode of The Reverb Experiment Podcast the crew is joined by Licensed Educational Psychologist and friend of the show Jeremy Greene. They open up by discussing the passing of Kevin Samuels and the legacy he left behind. For the "Keepin It Reel" segment a heated argument breaks out as a meme about finances in marriage is discussed. And to conclude the show the crew reacts to Dave Chappelle being stacked on stage and debate if Will Smith slapping Chris Rock emboldened this type of behavior. 


  • (3:02) - Happy Mother's Day  
  • (11:32) - RIP Kevin Samuels   
  • (26:38) - Kevin Samuels legacy?   
  • (80:00) - KEEPIN IT REEL - Secret Stash?    

Internet Wins Again  (108:00)          

  • (88:49) - Dave Chapelle attacked on stage     
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Jeremy D. GreeneProfile Photo

Jeremy D. Greene

School Psychologist

Mr. Jeremy D. Greene, MA, LEP #4020 is a school psychologist serving the Sacramento region and beyond. In his work from Natomas to Shanghai (China), Mr. Greene has focused on the narratives and voices of those who are seldom heard due to the socio-political constraints imposed upon as the “Other” (e.g., BIPOC, LGBTQ+, the neurodivergent, individuals with mental health struggles, etc.).

All the while, through a humanistic/positive psychology lens, Mr. Greene aims to build bonds and dialogue with all people. As a globally engaged citizen, Mr. Greene is often engaged in iterative self-reflection…all on the path of becoming a more complete “being.” Mr. Greene is a true proponent of “Knowledge of Self” (KOS-Determination) and continues to build atop a foundation rooted in his familial Baton Rouge (Louisiana) lineage.

In short, as a Black School Psychologist, Mr. Greene seeks to change hearts and minds by acknowledging and promoting authentic narratives seldom seen on and off the digital screen in “real” time. Outside of such work, Mr. Greene writes and performs poetry. In addition, as a rapper, he also performs under the alias “G~Mile”…