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Feb. 14, 2022

Episode 42 | Tip Drill

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For a special Valentines Day Episode of The Reverb Experiment Podcast  we talk about everything sex!  We discuss what are the do's and don'ts in the bedroom with special guest Brittni Hernandez. During the "Choose violence or silence' segment we react to a video from Devale & Khadeen Ellis discussing monogamy in relationships.  And for the "Internet Wins Again" we talk about the "DaBrawl" between DaBaby & Brandon Bills as well as the unsolicited pictures and videos that were leaked exposing Nelly & Lil Fizz!


  • (9:48) -  Introducing Special Guest Brittni Hernandez  
  • (12:39) - What are some reasons people would seek to go to an intimacy coach or a sex therapist? (most common reasons)    
  • (15:25) -  Are women dissatisfied in the bedroom? And why?    
  •  (19:31) -What can cause women to have difficulty reaching an orgasm?   
  • (28:18) -   What are some keys to having amazing sex?    
  • (38:17) -   Millennials are the first generation to grow up with the internet. How has pornography and social media affected our sex lives?    
  • (48:20) -  Can you break down the difference between intimacy and sex?   
  • (59:39) -   A lot of us come from conservative backgrounds. How do you overcome the shame and guilt that is often associated with sex?    
  • (72:08) -   What are three tips you can tell men on how to better please their women?    
  • (76:05) -  What are three tips you can tell women on how to better please their men?    

Violence or Silence (86:23) - Monogamy in relationships    

Internet Wins Again  (99:59)     

  • (100:40) Dababy Vz Brandon Bills bowling alley brawl    
  • (112:50) Nelly and Lil Fizz come up short    

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Brittni HernandezProfile Photo

Brittni Hernandez

Intimacy/ Relationship Coach

I am 30yrs.old from Stockton CA, Single mother of a daughter. I have learned a lot about sex over the years. I am excited to share my experiences and knowledge with people who are struggling or who may have questions about sex.