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July 6, 2020

Episode 4 | Black Table Talk

The host of The Reverb Experiment Podcast are joined by special guest Dr. Nicole S. Jackson. In this episode, we discuss the topics of childhood trauma, the misconceptions of trauma in the black community, and how to be be resilient and overcome obstacles in your life (4:43). During the 'Internet Wins Again" segment, the crew discuss Jada Pinkett Smith and August Alsina (59:15) Things get a little heated when Rajeo, and Genisis argue about whether Jada Pinkett's actions should be labeled as predatory. The bonus "Issa Bop" segment has returned......featuring an intense battle between Hyph Wicks vs Tre Mak! (101:20) Be sure to cast your vote by visiting The Reverb Experiment Podcast on YouTube. Subscribe or follow our show to stay connected and stay tuned for new episodes!

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