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Nov. 8, 2021

Episode 39 | Cuffing Season

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On the 39th episode of The Reverb Experiment podcast we welcome special guest, dating coach Chris Harders, to the  podcast. Chris helps us with some interesting insight into today's dating scene, and gives us some tips on what to do and what not to do when looking for a meaningful relationship. For the Issa Bop segment we were excited to review the brand new album from Summer Walker titled "Still Over it." After discussing the album, we transition into "The Internet Wins Again," where we discuss whether or not the new Ye interview on drink champs changes our perception of him. We the dissect the Brittany Renner interview she had with DJ Akademiks, and also talk about Will Smith's brand new book that is set to release.  For Trash AF Rajeo decides to pick Aaron Rodgers for lying about his vaccination status.

For more information onour special guest Dating Coach Chris Harders check out the links listed below.
Chris Harders Podcast - https://anchor.fm/datingresults360
Chris Harder's Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVFyFMABuPk30uVae4jnpwA


  • (1:31) -  Astroworld Acknowledgement    
  • (5:19) -  Dating Coach Chris Harders Interview    
  • (6:42) -  Q1 - How did you become a dating coach?   
  • (9:57) -  Q2 - What are the men doing wrong?   
  • (19:52 -   Q3 - Can the manosphere have a negative impact on our dating lens? And how does social media affect our dating lens?    
  • (40:01) -    Q4 - What would you tell someone who complains about there aren't any good men or good women out there?   
  • (50:58) -  Q5 - What kind of advice would you gives someone who has been on the sideline and is scared to get back out there and date again?    
  • (55:02) -   Q6 - While dating what are three red flags that men should avoid?    
  • (57:46)  -  Q7 - While dating what are three red flags that women should avoid?     
  • (80:59) -  Issa Bop - Summer Walker "Still Over It"  

Internet Wins Again  (98:06)         

  • (98:18) - Ye Drink Champs Interview    
  • (108:51) -  Brittany Renner vs Akademiks    
  • (152:18) -  Will Smith new book  
  • (172:42) - Trash AF    

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