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Sept. 27, 2021

Episode 36 | How To Love

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On the 36th Episode of The Reverb Experiment the crew minus Rajeo open up by discussing the passing of comedian AJ Johnson and the importance of life insurance. They transition by reacting to the latest episode of Red Table Talk where Jada Pinkett Smith reveals that learning how to love is one of the items on her bucket lists. For the question of the day that was submitted by The Reverb Nation....shout out to yall! They answer a very interesting question about relationships that you won't want to miss! For the Internet wins again things get deep as the discussion pivots to Nicki Minaj and her allegedly harassing Jennifer Hough, and then discussing Jenny Mai being pregnant and her ex husband reacting to the news via social media. To conclude the episode Stef Dot Net goes off when she listens to a video clip claiming that women who laugh too loud are unattractive.


  • (4:08) -RIP AJ Johnson    
  • (10:23) -  The importance of Life insurance   
  • (27:25) - Jada Pinkett Smith learns how to love      
  • (61:03) -  Reverb Nation - Question of the day    

Internet Wins Again  (79:41)         

  • (79:56) - Nicki Minaj harasses Jennifer Hough  
  • (102:51) -  Jenny Mai is pregnant?    
  • (114:25) - Reverb Reactions - Women are too loud?     

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