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Aug. 30, 2021

Episode 34 | The Don-Donda

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On the 34th episode of The Reverb Experiment Podcast the crew is joined by special guest host and friend of the show Zenzi! In the first half of the episode they discuss Hurricane Ida, the attacks on Kabul, and Sha'Carri Richardson's controversy. This leads into a more broad conversation about the entire African Diaspora as a whole and how African Americans treat other black people. For the internet wins again we talk a walk down memory lane and analyze the Drake vs Kanye beef, and we also talk about Ace Hood having to set boundaries with his mom and then how we all have had to set similar boundaries in our own lives.

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  • (4:33) - Hurricane Ida    
  • (10:26) - Kabul airport attacks    
  • (33:02) - Sha'Carri Richardson's controversy    
  • (59:28) - How African American's treat other black people    
  • (105:56) - Question of the Day - Why is peace of mind never factored into how much someone makes?    

Internet Wins Again  (123:46)         

  • (124:04) - Drake vs Kanye   
  • (138:38) - Ace Hood and setting boundaries    
  • (145:29) - Rajeo Trash AF -  Doctor's who were writing fake vaccination cards and masks exceptions.     
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