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Aug. 16, 2021

Episode 33 | Let Us Prey

On the 33rd episode of The Reverb Experiment Podcast the crew opens up by Stef sharing a story about internet beef that she encountered this past week. They transition with some nostalgia by discussing what it was like before the internet and after the internet on platforms like myspace, aim, and yahoo chats. They also celebrate Hip Hip's 48th birthday by reacting to the Lox vs Dipset classic verzuz battle. That conversation evolved into a bigger conversation about competition and being open to experiencing new things to grow as a person. For the Issa Bop segment, the crew shares their thoughts on the new Lizzo ft Cardi B record titled Rumors. For The Internet Wins Again segment there is an interesting conversation had centered around Brittany Renner and PJ Washington and whether or not PJ should have known better to than to sleep with him, that conversation leads into another conversation about Future and his baby mom Brittini as they discuss Future allegedly texting their 8 year old son and calling her a ho.  Rajeo concludes the episode per usual by revealing  his Trash AF pick that you will have to listen to hear for yourself!

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  • (2:12) - Story Time - Don't hit my husband!    
  • (11:56) - Internet Beef     
  • (27:15) - Happy Birthday Hip Hop      
  • (27:33) - The Lox vs Dipset Verzuz   
  • (34:40) - Does Competition make you better?    
  • (68:40) - Issa Bop or Issa Flop? - Rumors Lizzo ft. Cardi B    

Internet Wins Again  (79:29)        

  • (80:30) - Brittany Renner traps PJ Washington?    
  • (128:46) - Future (Pray for her)    
  • (135:19) - Rajeo Trash AF -  Mendecees & Yandy (nation Pick) + Wack 100    

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