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Aug. 2, 2021

Episode 32 | Happiness & Love

On Episode 32 of The Reverb Experiment we had the pleasure of having Northern California Hip Hop pioneer and Top Shelf Radio Host Henny Holyfield on the show. During his interview we discussed his newly released cortically acclaimed album Nostalgic that led to very deep and much needed conversations about generational curses, incarceration, men's responsibilities to their families, love during the pandemic and more! The crew transitioned with the Question of the day which was, does social media kill real love and reality. During the internet wins again the crew gets in a heated conversation about Dababy and his homophobic comments. As well as Simone Biles and the importance of mental health among black women.  Rajeo concludes this show with this Trash AF for the week.....he picks both Safaree and Erica Mena. You have to tune in to see the reasons why! Be sure to check out Henny Holyfield's new album Nostalgic. We will leave the links below!

Henny Holyfield - https://hennyholyfield.com/
Happiness & Love Single - https://youtu.be/n0pTfmb-eyM

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  • (2:23) - Introducing Henny Holyfield  
  • (05:26) - Will you listen to the new Kanye West Album?    
  • (20:15) - Henny Holyfield Interview      
  • (20:16) - What were the inspirations behind Nostalgic?  
  • (22:32) - How did your father being incarcerated affect you and mold you into who you are today?   
  • (48:48 - What influenced the sound of the album and the uses of sampling?  
  • (52:02) -How do you balance all the many hats that come with your life?  
  • (61:41) - What are your favorite songs off of the project?  
  • (66:39) - Where can we find you and listen to the new album Nostalgic?  
  • (70:17) - Question of the day *Social media & love edition*  

Internet Wins Again  (92:44)        

  • (93:06) - Dababy cancelled?     
  • (120:18) - Simone Biles & Black women's mental health     
  • (139:51) - Rajeo Trash AF - Safaree & Erica Mena     

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