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July 19, 2021

Episode 31 | Certified Lover Boyz PT 2

On Episode 31 of The Reverb Experiment Podcast the cast is joined by fan favorite Sean Dustin aka Reflective Intelligence to fill in the absence of Stefdotnet.  With the podcast being an all fellas podcast they take the opportunity to tackle sensitive and relative topics such as mental health and how the pandemic has affected them.  During this episode the crew starts the episode by checking in by paying their respects to Biz Markie and then discussing the state of the world which leads them into a very important topic about Richard Sherman and public health. During the Issa Bop segment both new albums from Pop Smoke & Snoh Aalegra are discussed and rated. For the IWA the crew talks about the upcoming verzuz battle of Dipset vs Lox, the murder of Indian Red Boy, and Tristian Thompson vs Lamar Odom. Rajeo then picks his the 911 dispatcher who was involved in the Richard Sherman call as  his Trash AF candidate.     
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(3:26) - RIP Biz Markie    
(06:06) - Pandemic Blues     
(27:52)  - Are people naturally selfish?   
(72:40) - Richard Sherman & Men's Mental Health      

(98:37 - Issa Bop - Pop Smoke & Snoh Aalegra new projects   

Internet Wins Again  (105:45)        

(105:54) - IWA - Dispet Vs Lox  
(113:13) - IWA - Murder of Indian Red Boy    
(137:37) - IWA - Lamar Odom vs Tristian Thompson    
(144:06) - IWA Scenario - Men's Mental Health Text  
(172:46) - Rajeo's Trash AF - 911 Dispatcher  

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