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June 21, 2021

Episode 29 | Dad Fishing

On Episode 29 of The Reverb Experiment Podcast was a special episode to commemorate both Juneteenth & Father's Day! The crew discusses their thoughts about whether Juneteenth will now be commercialized and whether or not if Fathers are truly appreciated or not. For the Issa Bop segment they review two of the hottest albums that have dropped this summer......H.E.R. Back of my mind & Gucci Mane Ice Daddy. And to conclude the episode for "The Internet Wins Again," the conversations got a little heated as they debated and discussed critical race theory, and Lala filing for divorce from Carmelo Anthony. We would like to celebrate all of the fathers that are holding it down and taking care of their children and would like to wish you all a Happy Juneteenth!  
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(3:17) - Happy Juneteenth   
(16:19) - Happy Father's Day   
(17:25)  - Are Father's Appreciated?   
(50:52) - Single Mother's who aren't Single Mother's?    
(47:41) - What is one positive lesson that you learned from your Dad?    

Issa Bop - H.E.R - Back of my mind & Gucci - Ice Daddy Album Review    

Internet Wins Again  (69:22)        

(69:50) - IWA - Critical Race Theory  
107:24) - IWA - Lala Divorcing Carmelo   

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