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May 24, 2021

Episode 27 | It's Our Anniversary!

On Episode 27 of The Reverb Experiment we celebrate our one year anniversary! We want to thank everyone who has supported us and listened to our podcast thus far. It has truly been a blessing and we wouldn't still be podcasting, if it wasn't for our listeners. On this episode we reflect on our first year, and share exactly how we got to where we are now. For the internet wins again we discuss the Joe Budden Podcast breakup and how their situation relates to all creators, we discuss the beef between Kwame Brown and Charlamagne The God, and we also talk about Porsha Williams and the "Girl Code." Consequently Rajeo picks both Joe Budden & Charlamagne as Trash AF for reasons that you may not expect. Be sure to tune in and see why!   
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  • (5:47) -RIP Paul Mooney    
  • (07:40) - One Year Anniversary Reflections    
  • (24:02)  - How did we start?   
  • (50:52) - Men's Episode vs Women's Episode  

Internet Wins Again  (52:36)        

  • (53:16) - Joe Budden Podcast Break Up     
  • (72:46) - Joe Budden / Oliva Dope Sexual Misconduct  
  • (86:08) - Kwame Brown vs Charlamagne (Rape Allegations)    
  • (117:40) - Porsha Williams Girl Code  
  • (142:31) - Rajeo Trash AF   
  • (144:27) - Final Thoughts?   

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