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March 15, 2021

Episode 22 | Cancel Culture

On Episode 22 of The Reverb Experiment where we discuss everything about Black Culture, we tackle the issue of whether Cancel Culture is counterproductive or beneficial to our community. During this discussion we talk about Pepe Le Pew, Stacey Dash, and R Kelly and whether celebrities who are "cancelled" can reconcile. For our question of the day, which is submitted by our fans, we answer the question if cheating is acceptable if your significant other is withholding sex, things got a little spicy to say the least. For our internet wins again segment we explored the idea of black ownership and we discussed whether Swizz and Timbaland sold out when they sold Verzuz to Triller.  As black entrepreneurs we are often met with the dilemma of growing organically and scaling our business to be successful.  For Rajeo's Trash AF he picked Senator Tim Scott for his "woke supremacist" comments. I'm sure you can only imagine our reactions to what he said. 
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  • (09:15) - All Star Weekend  
  • (13:21) - Trickin if you got it?  
  • (22:41) Club Fashion Etiquette   
  • (36:30) - Cancel Culture? is it counterproductive?    
  • (65:07) - Neyo - The year of the toxic?  
  • (77:29) - Question of the Day - Is it valid to cheat when.....?  

Internet Wins Again  (119:00)       

  • (119:45) - What you gon do with your stimmy?  
  • (122:40) - Swizz and Timb sell Verzuz  
  • ( 140:38) - Trash AF  

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