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March 1, 2021

Episode 21 | Simps & Pimps

On Episode 21 of The Reverb Experiment Podcast we start the show by discussing the polarizing topic of Russell Wilson and Future. The discussion brings about great dialogue regarding dating, standards, and getting to the bottom of what a simp actually is.  The focus of the conversation centers around the question of "Do good guys finish last?" For the "IWA" Internet Wins Again we discuss the following topics: Demi Lovato wanting to get rid of gender reveal parties, Mr. Potato Head and gender neutrality, Bobby Smurda coming home from prison, and the longstanding beef between Charlamagne the God and Lakeith Stanfield.  Rajeo concludes the show by going on on Senator Ted Cruz for this Trash AF segment! 

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  • (8:24) - Russell Wilson vs Future ( Do nice guys finish last?)  
  • (20:17) - What is a simp?    
  • (31:07) - Do women project their insecurities when they don't pick a Russell Wilson?   

Internet Wins Again  (81:52)       

  • (82:02) - Demi Lovato wants to get rid of gender reveal parties?  
  • (89:48) - Mr. Potato Head and gender neutrality   
  • (102:21) - Bobby Smurda is home!  
  • (112:13) - Charlamange vs Lakeith Stanfield   
  • (157:35) Trash AF - Ted Cruz  

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