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Feb. 15, 2021

Episode 20 | Bonded 4 Lyfe

Happy Valentines Day! For the 20th Episode of The Reverb Experiment Podcast we are joned by AMFT Psychotherapist Ky K Christian who is featured as our special guest and interviewed as we discus love, connections, attachment theories, and love languages. She also gives the audience tips on finding the right counselor and or therapist and empathizes self love. We keep the theme of love going for a very special edition of One's Gotta Go featuring Black love movies Love Jones, Love & Basketball, Poetic Justice, and The Wood. For the Internet Wins Again (IWA) we discuss the Gorilla Glue incident, Dr. Dre & Apryl Jones allegedly dating, And we share our thoughts on the movie Malcom & Marie. Rajeo surprises us all with his Trash AF pick per usual! We hope that you enjoyed this episode and we appreciate all the support and love that you guys give every episode! 

To find Ky Christian please visit   https://www.reallifetherapy.com/    


Jeremy Greene Interview (05:22)   

  • (12:57) - What makes dating and connecting so difficult?  
  • (16:30) - Why do we have difficulties with vulnerability?  
  • (28:13) - What is attachment theory and what role does it play in our relationships and how we connect?  
  • (42:59) - How we should we properly use Love Languages?  
  • (59:18) - What are some common misconceptions that you would like to debunk regarding relationships?  
  • (62:39) What are some tools singles can use to prepare for relationships?  
  • (72:43) What are some tools that couples can use to enhance their relationships?  
  • (79:50)  Reverb Nation Special Question  
  • (84:47) Where can we find you? And what are some good resources for improving our mental health?  
  • (87:23) - One's Gotta Go  *Valentines Day Edition*  

Internet Wins Again  (91:03)    

  • (91:20) - Gorilla Glue  
  • (103:56) - Dr. Dre & Apryl Jones dating rumors  
  • (122:54) Malcom & Marie Review  
  • (149:25) - Trash AF  

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