Welcome to The Reverb Experiment
June 9, 2020

Episode 2 | Protest and Chill

Because of the current state of the nation, the second episode of The Reverb Experiment has been dedicated to social injustices everywhere. The host of The Reverb Experiment are joined by none other than the President of the National Lawyers Guild Sacramento Chapter, Legal Consultant for the California Department of Justice, Social Justice Professor at American River College, and founder of the Organized Voices Podcast Elizabeth Kim. Liz offers her insights of the murder of George Floyd both, from a legal and a personal standpoint. Together the crew tackles the most current events ranging from the hypocrisy of the NFL to the controversial comments made by Lil Wayne. Rajeo shares with us, his pick for Trash of the week, and we also have an artist showcase highlighted by Spittlez and Dawn da Jet. 

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