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Jan. 18, 2021

Episode 18 | Think Like a Man

On Episode 18 of The Reverb Experiment Podcast the crew opens up by recapping all of the crazy events that transpired between episodes including the Capitol insurrection that left our nation at a stand still. They transition into the discussing Lori Harvey and her relationship past and debate whether or not dating multiple people has a double standard. For the internet wins again, the crew talks about the oversexualization of the #bussitchallenege, YFN Lucci's murder charge, and the murder of Patrick Warren Sr last Sunday which sparks a deeper conversation about mental health and defunding the police. The episode is concluded with with a special One's gotta go and Rajeo's pick for Trash AF! Be sure to follow us on FB, Instagram and twitter. And to join in the discussion be sure to join the Facebook group The Reverb Nation! (the link will be provided after the show notes.   


  • (15:17) - Since we've been gone  
  • (17:42) - Capitol Insurrection  
  • (31:53) - Lori Harey Think LIke a Man  
  • (50:13) - Potential?  
  • (55:42) - Is your spouse gaining weight reason for divorce?  

Internet Wins Again  (89:00)   

  • (89:01) - #bussitchallenege  
  • (111:37)) - YFN Lucci murder charge  
  • (126:44) - RIP Patrick Warren Sr. - Defund the police  
  • (141:37) - One's Gotta Go   
  • (146:07) - Trash AF - Rioters & America  

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