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Jan. 4, 2021

Episode 17 | Laugh Now Cry Later

Welcome to season two of The Reverb Experiment Podcast! On Episode 17 the crew discusses a range of topics starting off with proposals on holidays and relationships. We review the critically acclaimed Disney Pixar movie Soul.  For the IWA we debate whether or not if the Black Eyed Peas are a black group, we discuss if the Drake Era is over, and we dissect Tyrese's comments about Black Families being under attack after announcing his divorce.  For Rajeo's Trash AF pick he decides to go with Mitch McConnell.  We wish everyone a Happy New Year and appreciate all the support and love that we've received! 


  • (8:07) - Should people propose on holidays?  
  • (12:24) - Should you put your partner on your page?  
  • (17:15) - The hoes  
  • (33:22) - Can men handle women dating multiple people?  
  • (48:12) - Soul review  

Internet Wins Again  (72:07)  

  • (72:27) - Are the Black Eyed Peas a Black Group?  
  • (79:28) - Is the Drake Era over?  
  • (91:14) - Are Black Families under attack?  
  • (119:24) - Trash AF - Mitch McConnell  

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