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Nov. 23, 2020

Episode 14 | The Truth

On the 14th Episode The Reerb Experiment welcomes special guest, licensed school Psychologist, Jeremy Greene on the show. During the interview with Jeremy we discuss the role of school Psychologist, racism and discriminatory practices within the school system, and how to better equip children and ourselves when we struggle with accepting our own identity.  Because Jeremy is from New Orleans, we had a special One's gotta go that featured four prominent New Orleans rappers with some surprise picks that may shock you. During the IWA Internet Wins Again Segment things got a little testy as we debated about the outcome of the Jeezy vs Gucci Verzuz battle and discussed the Fresh Prince of Bel Air reunion show where Will Smith apologizes to Janet Hubert (OG Aunt Viv) about destroying her professional career.   

To listen to Jeremy Greene sepak on the Transformative Power of Rejection via TEDx click here  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWzBWToX4cg 


Jeremy Greene Interview (05:22)  

  • (08:29) - What is the role of a school psychologist?  
  • (18:35) - What role does the school system play in molding a child's identity or lack thereof?  
  • (25:44) - How does discriminatory narratives negatively affect black children?  
  • (42:49) - Racial inequality in the school system  
  • (48:03) - Psychologically how can African Americans embrace our identity if society perpetually enforces negative stereotypes?  
  • (59:22) What advice would you give to parents who want to ensure children are healthy and secure in their identity?  
  • (66:46) - One's Gotta Go  

Internet Wins Again  (76:16)     

  • (76:33) - Jeezy vs Gucci Verzuz  
  • (118:23) - Fresh Prince Reunion / Will apologizes to OG Aunt Viv  
  • (134:43) - Trash AF  

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Jeremy D. GreeneProfile Photo

Jeremy D. Greene

School Psychologist

Mr. Jeremy D. Greene, MA, LEP #4020 is a school psychologist serving the Sacramento region and beyond. In his work from Natomas to Shanghai (China), Mr. Greene has focused on the narratives and voices of those who are seldom heard due to the socio-political constraints imposed upon as the “Other” (e.g., BIPOC, LGBTQ+, the neurodivergent, individuals with mental health struggles, etc.).

All the while, through a humanistic/positive psychology lens, Mr. Greene aims to build bonds and dialogue with all people. As a globally engaged citizen, Mr. Greene is often engaged in iterative self-reflection…all on the path of becoming a more complete “being.” Mr. Greene is a true proponent of “Knowledge of Self” (KOS-Determination) and continues to build atop a foundation rooted in his familial Baton Rouge (Louisiana) lineage.

In short, as a Black School Psychologist, Mr. Greene seeks to change hearts and minds by acknowledging and promoting authentic narratives seldom seen on and off the digital screen in “real” time. Outside of such work, Mr. Greene writes and performs poetry. In addition, as a rapper, he also performs under the alias “G~Mile”…