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Oct. 12, 2020

Episode 11 | Guns & Butta

On Episode 11 of The Reverb Experiment Podcast we are joined by Creator and Owner of Aktive Supply Brand Shine Law. Featured on our show , Shine Law discusses what motivated him to start his brand, gun ownership within the black community, and the importance of practicing group economics. During our second segment of the show (The Internet Wins Again) we discuss Tory Lanez conviction, Will Smith and why men can't be vulnerable, as well as the allegations that have been brought forth against some of the clergy members of Saint Paul Missionary Baptist Church in Sacramento. For our Trash AF segment Rajeo picks our command and chief Donald J Trump AGAIN!!!!!. If you would like to jump ahead in the episode the time stamps will be available below. And if you would like to support Shine Law and his brand take a look at his website and be sure to purchase of few pieces of clothing. His fall collection will be dropping soon!

Shine Law

  • (05:54) - Start of the interview  
  • (06:24) - What does Aktive mean?  
  • (7:19) - Who or what inspired you to start the brand?  
  • (10:15) - Elaborate on the significance of the pro black and pro 2nd amendment right images in your apparel  
  • (45:51) - Can you touch on the importance of group economics?  
  • (88:42)  - One's Gotta go (Clothing line edition)  

Internet Wins Again  

  • (88:28) - Tory Lanez charged  
  • (95:29) - Will Smith clears up the crying (Why can't men be vulnerable?)   
  • (121:58) - St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church Allegations  
  • (140:12) - Trash AF - (Donald J Trump)    

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