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Sept. 28, 2020

Episode 10 | Stay In Your Lane

On Episode 10 of The Reverb Experiment Podcast we are joined by Coach and Motivator John Reynolds III. During the first segment of the show we interview John about physical health, how to burn fat, and how to have a beast mentality not only in the gym but in life. During our second segment of the show (The Internet Wins Again) we discuss Celebrity Divorces, Tory Lanez, and the Breonna Taylor verdict. Filling in for Rajeo, Photo B took over the Trash AF segment and picked an obvious choice that you won't want to miss. If you would like to jump ahead in the episode the time stamps will be available below. And if you would like to get in contact with John Reynolds III please check out his website at https://www.fit40studio.com/home37073180 

John Reynolds III Interview  

  • (05:01) - Start of the interview  
  • (09:37) - What services do you offer?  
  • (17:23) - What are some misconceptions with physical health?  
  • (17:34) - How to get healthy 1. Nutrition  
  • (23:12) - How to get healthy 2. Protein  
  • (30:10) - How to get healthy 3. Love who you are  
  • (36:23) - How to get healthy 4. Make a plan  
  • (60:19) - How does your mental health correlate with your physical health?  
  • {71:17)  - One's Gotta go (Food Edition)  

Internet Wins Again  

  • (75:12) - Celebrity Divorces  
  • (106:40) - Tory Lanez Breaks his silence w/ Daystar Album  
  • (124:58) - Breonna Taylor Veridct Reaction  
  • (126:34) - Trash AF - (Daniel Cameron)  
  • (151:35) - Where can we get in touch w/ John Reynolds III  

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